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The Other Side of Brave


Be strong in the darkness.

Not just when bravery comes easily and life seems to smile effortlessly at you.

Be strong:

  • when loneliness pulls you away from life-giving friendships.
  • getting up and greeting the day takes everything in you.
  • as your mistakes loom monster-sized before you.
  • when correction feels like disqualification from your call.
  • when your friends suffer and you can’t make it stop.
  • as the enemy reminds you of weakness.

Be strong and let God bring you through your scariest things to the other side of brave.


New Blog Address for Me

movingcartoonI’m moving blogs.

Hey my faithful 10 readers, I have moved my blog over to a new spot. It’s taken me 4 years to finish my decrepit patio cover (and it’s still not done) so it shouldn’t surprise you that it only took me 2 years to get my own domain name.

I can now be found in all my nerdiness over at The Chronicles of Dawnia.

Would love it if you’d update your RSS readers, change your bookmarks, tell your cat…. I’m over there now. Hope you like it… it was put together beautifully by Micheal Buckingham of HolyCowCreative studios, one of the geniuses from the Center for Church Communications, behind the Church Marketing Sucks Blog. I like their stuff. They are spunky.

Anywhoo, please join the party over at The Chronicles of Dawnia at our new spot….(why am I referring to myself in the plural?)


Freeloading Wife in Waikiki


This week I’ll be taking a break from the routine and spending some time with my husband in Honolulu. Even though this is a work trip for him, I’ll be taking advantage of this opportunity to catch up on reading, drawing and just delighting in God’s creation.

What a gift to spend time with Dave…with the schedules we both maintain, our alone-time is the first thing to get cut. Not good. So your prayers for good connecting times is greatly appreciated.

What a gift to spend time with my journal. It is where I meet God, wrestle with what He’s teaching me, make observations about my world. Very expectant. Hopefully it will yield some blog posts…

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Five Ways to Come Childlike to God

IMG02231I was challenged lately to examine how I approach God. Jesus tells me in Mark 10:15,16 that I’m to receive His kingdom like a child:

15 Truly, I say to you, whoever does not receive the kingdom of God like a child shall not enter it.16 And he took them in his arms and blessed them, laying his hands on them.

What does this mean?

Now, I’m not one to glamorize children or paint them as saints. I have three under the age of 11 and I can attest to the sin nature. Daily. But there must be something that I’m to emulate… and that got me thinking.

How then am I to receive the kingdom of God? I came up with five ways that I can be childlike in my response to God and His kingdom:

  1. With Innocence: I can open-heartedly approach my Father, expecting only good. They cannot fathom a parent who rejects, abandons or hurts a child. Rather than being cynical, I can come to Him expecting only good, only acceptance and love. Doesn’t mean I get my way every time I want something, but His intentions are motivated by pure love.
  2. Dependent: If I’m honest, I sometimes find myself annoyed at neediness. Their constant requests feel inconvenient, disruptive, annoying. But thank heaven I’m not a picture of how God treats us! My asking is never annoying. Never disruptive. In fact, He says I don’t have because I fail to ask. I need to come to Him in need. And often.
  3. Raw: Kids wear their emotions out for all to see. But somewhere, over time, I learn to hide, stuff and dismiss my feelings. I judge them as OK to pass or sweep them under a rug (they always creep out later, I’ve found). God would have me come to him messy, sore, frustrated, joyful or however it is I’m feeling. If I’m feeling like a silly goof, He won’t be mad that I show Him my goofy face with vanilla ice cream decorating my tongue. It is OK.
  4. Curious: There is something beautiful about a kid asking how something works. It shows they don’t know. And it shows they know they don’t know. When was the last time I came to God and said “would you show me how to do this?” My curiosity and desire to learn from Him thrills His heart.
  5. Just Be: This is perhaps the greatest thing my kids have taught me. It doesn’t matter what we are doing as an activity as long as we are together. How I often miss this… that the God of the Universe who commands the stars to hang in place… that this God enjoys my enjoying Him. He is pleased to have me come, unhurried into His presence and without any agenda, to just sit up close to Him. To feel OK and at peace just sitting nearby.

There are more, I’m sure. What would you add? Would love to hear / read your thoughts.

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Blame Twitter

imagesGot into a discussion tonight with a friend about why I haven’t been blogging lately. Besides the usual lame excuses I typically throw out, I was surprised by my reflexive answer this time… an answer I’ve heard from other perpetrators of blog abandonment. Where does the fault lie?

I just blame Twitter

It is a sad but true reality. I have only so much interaction inside me, and well, the dizzying ever-present cloud has distracted me from more thoughtful writing. The instant gratification of following other’s days has fried my circuits at some level.

Have you found this to be so as well? Have you slipped into a laziness that mistakes re-tweeting amusing or interesting sound-bytes for thoughtful content? I have, and it is a shame.

The noticing that God has entrusted to me has been exchanged for banter. This needs to change… I’d be interested to know how you, my 10 faithful readers (or what’s left of them, due to neglect) handle the balance.

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Shining a Spotlight

spotlightThere is joy in noticing.

Sounds so simple. Trite, even. But I am finding such an amazing rush just noticing the activity of God all around me. I see him at work:

  • In a friend stepping into her God-given role as a mom and embracing the privilege to invest in little humans and resisting the temptation to find her worth in her career
  • In my church family as a renewed sense of God’s holiness has fallen upon us… not so we can feel warm & fuzzy, but so we can move out into our individual worlds with power & love
  • In groups of united, believers like InvisibleChildren who did an amazing job last week with getting The Rescue on Oprah
  • In watching the women at Sandals Church’s moms Bible Study, Moms with A Purpose continue to blow me away with their love, hunger for God and obedience to His next steps in their lives
  • In opening doors for me to share what He’s entrusted (nerdhood) to me, like getting to work the Social Media Lounge at the WFX conference in Long Beach, CA next week

The earth is said to be full of His glory…. and I believe His glory is revealed in more than just blazing sunsets and rainbows.

His glory is revealed as we see human beings act in ways they wouldn’t normally do, but for God inhabiting them. His glory is seen in supernatural love for the unlovely. Persistence in the face of opposition. Taking risks in the face of fear.

These are ways I’ve seen God’s glory recently, and I felt compelled to shine a little spotlight on His activity around me. There is joy in noticing God’s activity but double joy in announcing it. (wow. that may be worth a tweet!)

How about you? What ways are you noticing God’s activity around you?